Monday, August 16, 2010

New York City, July 26, 2010

Fla-Net Campground (in Flanders, NJ) residents, groundhogs
galore! We stayed here in NJ and took train into NY for tour.

Joan and Kyra - on the road

Arriving back in Dover, NJ, after NYC tour

Catching the train at Grand Central Station, back
to Dover, NJ

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

NYC - People everywhere!!

No explanation needed! Beep Beep

Our open top tour bus

Vern and Jean at the top of Empire State Building

Ron and Joan at top of Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Views from top - floor 102

We traveled from Pennsylvania to New Jersey where we spent a couple of days so we could go into New York City for a tour. We wanted to stay well away from all that traffic. We had a great train ride into the city, and an equally great tour. The next morning, we "buttoned up" our coaches and left for Connecticut, on a route that was to take us way out around New York City. Well, our GPS apparently likes New York City, because before we know what happened, we had passed through Yonkers and saw signs that the Bronx Zoo and Central Park were just ahead. YIKES! I'll bet the little tiny exit streets we turned around on don't frequently see 40 and 43 foot coaches. As well as Vern and Ron did driving our buses downtown, they figured they might as well have driven them down there in the first place and parked in a McDonalds parking lot - we wouldn't have had to take the train in, or wonder where we were going to eat. By the way, in New York City, there is a McDonalds and a Starbucks on every block. What a city!

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