Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bennington, VT and area, August 28, 2010

We were just driving around Bennington and came
across this factory!

The Energizer battery factory in Bennington

Energizer battery factory

All over town there are these life size moose!
They remind me of the decorated bulls in Southlake, TX.

This one is particularly creative!

Another one...

And another. There were many more!

TheBennington Battle Monument is such a tall
tower you can see it on the mountain side from
miles away.

Col. Seth Warner - and the Green Mountain Boys

Col. Warner came in with his (local) Green Mountain
Boys to help Brig. Gen. Stark fight the loyalists and
German mercenaries (who were fighting for England)
in their second battle and were able to defeat the
enemy forces in a turning point victory.

Vernon wanted me to stand by the blocks of
the tower to show how large the blocks are, (or
how large I am compared to the blocks???)

Gen. Stark

This little house is the museum at the Battle
Monument and sits on the site of the Bennington
military storage facility that the British were trying to

Bennington Battle Monument

A pretty drive along Historic Highway 7A
near Bennington

Inside the Vermont Country Store, Weston, VT

Collection of old scales at Vermont Country Store

Front of Vermont Country Store in Weston, VT
There have been a couple of places on this trip where we would like to have stayed for a much longer time. This is one of them. There are many scenic drives around here that we would like to have driven - so much to see and do. And the temperatures in August! - we were enjoying 70's and 80's while our friends in Texas were suffering in 107 degree heat. The nights here are in the low 50's and we needed extra blankets at night.
We are definitely planning to come back here and stay for a month or two!

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  1. Love to have you back to The Vermont Country Store for a longer visit. Don't forget to get a Wilcox Ice Cream cone at our Mildred's Dairy Bar. Glad you liked the Vermont Scale Museum.
    Lyman Orton, Prop.