Monday, August 16, 2010

Boston, Massachusetts Freedom Walk, July 2, 2010

Must be pilgrims, they're here at Plymouth Rock

Quite a grand display case for what's left of
Plymouth Rock

This is all that's left of Plymouth Rock - it has been
moved and broken so many times. You can make
out the pennies in the sand beside the rock so you
can gauge its size.

Coming out of Cheers. I have watched that
show so many times, I felt like I had been there

Well here we are, but nobody knew our names!

We were so worn out from the long walk
we had to find a bar to recuperate in!

Plaque on the outside of North Church

Memorial to fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan
by North Church

Paul Revere statue by Old North Church

Paul Revere statue and Old North Church

Paul Revere's house

The Redcoats are coming!

Faneuil Hall - where Sam Adams led groups
who were protesting taxation without representation,
and also where he presided over the funerals of those killed
in the Boston Massacre.

Old State House

Old South Meeting House

Paul Revere's grave in the Granery Burying Ground

Granery Burying Ground, graves of Samuel
Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin's
parents, Paul Revere, are here

Tim Cahill, running for governor, ... is he
discussing his platform with our friend Ron?

The Statehouse

We did the Freedom Walk. It was pretty hot, but we toughed it out for over 2 miles. We got as far as Copps Hill Burying Ground (missing only Old Ironsides and Bunker Hill on the tour) when we decided to hail a cab to haul our weary bodies to Cheers for some refreshment.

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