Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tennessee/Kentucky, September 11-12, 2010

Coming into Nashville from northwest - I don't think I've ever
seen such a deep cut through limestone to build a highway

Harvesting tobacco

Hanging tobacco on racks

Collection of hand carved barrel lids at
Beachaven Winery in Clarksville, TN

One of Beachaven Winery employees hand carves these barrel
heads. Each one is different - there are dozens of them.

We came across this tobacco barn in Kentucky

Tobacco barn, drying tobacco

Archway and fountain in Bowling Green's historic square

We had lunch here at a patio table. I had Kentucky Hot Brown
just to see what it tasted like. Not that great.

1953 Corvette - first year they were made. All
of them are white with red interior.

1963 Corette with divided back window - very rare

Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Corvettes have been made exclusively in Bowling Green since 1981.

Welcome to Kentucky

Driving through Tennessee on September 12.

Tennessee on the road.

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